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Music is one of the most effective means of impressing the heart with spiritual truth. How often to the soul hard-pressed and ready to despair, memory recalls some word of God's, the long-forgotten burden of a childhood song, and temptations lose their power, life takes on new meaning and new purpose, and courage and gladness are imparted to other souls! As a part of religious service, singing is as much an act of worship as is prayer.

Indeed, many a song is prayer. As our Redeemer leads us to the threshold of the Infinite, flushed with the glory of God, we may catch the themes of praise and thanksgiving from the heavenly choir round about the throne; and as the echo of the angels' song is awakened in our earthly homes, hearts will be drawn closer to the heavenly singers. Heaven's communion begins on earth. We learn here the keynote of its praise.- E G White Education, p. 168.

The aims of the Music Ministries Department are:

-To enhance the worship services of the church with appropriate music in the form of special items and songs for the whole church

-To encourage people of all ages to use their musical talents in to praise our Creator and glorify him, through the church choir, singing groups and individuals .

-To assist Personal Ministries and other departments in sharing the good news of the gospel with the world, through music, both instrumental and vocal.

Adventist Philosophy on Music